Stay the Course

I’ve been reminded lately of how alcoholism is a lifelong struggle. I haven’t had any desire to drink, but I’ve just been letting things slip. I haven’t been keeping a schedule, I haven’t been engaging in activities, I haven’t been taking care of myself and I’ve been letting my mood get the best of me sometimes.

I suppose it’s the down feeling we all have in January. All the fun and excitement of the holidays is over, and it’s back to business as usual. There’s also the added pressure of new year’s resolutions and making the most of the new year. So, it’s kind of a down time for everyone.

I’ve been letting routine slip a little simply because of the madness of the holidays. There’s always somewhere to run, something to get, something to do. So, all that structure and routine goes out the window. But, it’s important to get back to it as soon as you can, to avoid a lapse or relapse.

I suppose what I’m going through could be called a lapse. The old me would certainly have turned to alcohol by this point in time. But, I’m so grateful that I’ve gained the strength and self-confidence to avoid that whole mess. Now, it’s just time to take care of me. Get back on track. Keep things going so I can keep going.

How are you holding up in these early days of 2016? Have you had down days? Doubts? Struggles? Remember to keep on the path of sobriety, and keep taking care of yourself. It’s essential in recovery. Hang on, seek help when you need it, and this too shall pass.

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