No Pain, No Gain

It’s important to remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s often a long, difficult process. But, in the case of sobriety, fully worth it in the end. When we’re working to live life without a substance that we had become dependent upon, much of what we’re doing can feel unnatural and uncomfortable. I chose this as the safe coping strategy for the week:

Expect growth to feel uncomfortable. If it feels awkward or difficult, you’re doing it right.

Remember when you first became sober, and how the idea of going an entire day without using seemed impossible and unbearable? But, you did it, and then you did it again and again until you achieved several weeks or months without using.

At first, it felt strange and forced, and you may even have felt a little odd and out of place in your everyday life. But, that didn’t mean the change was a bad thing. You knew in your heart it was a very good change, so you stuck it out.

And even after having a few months under your belt, it will still feel a little difficult. The difficulty of living with a substance addiction is that there is no real cure for it. It will always be hard for us to resist using and to live a sober life. Though, over time, it will become easier and easier.

In life, it’s often the things that are most worth it that are the hardest to achieve. Getting good grades in school. Working hard to have a successful and fulfilling career. Having children, and raising those children to be good, productive citizens. Sobriety is no different. It’s something we need to achieve to be happy, successful, and to keep our lives intact.

Yes, the path to sobriety is rough and filled with obstacles. But, if you push yourself just a little bit each day to get over the feelings of doubt and fear, and forge through on your path. If it feels difficult, that’s a good thing. Because it’s supposed to be difficult. And that means you’re doing it right.


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